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Launched in 1997, LagunaBeach.com is the intuitive worldwide brand for Laguna Beach, California. We are proud to feature and promote local businesses, writers, features and events. Laguna Beach is globally known and holds a special place in the hearts of those of us who call it home. The team at LagunaBeach.com is proud to be working with local entities, businesses and brands in its effort to continue to showcase Laguna Beach's greatness to the world while making it an even more amazing destination.

Why Advertise with LagunaBeach.com?
LagunaBeach.com is Laguna Beach's home page and the premier online brand for Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is a globally known brand and holds a special place in the hearts of those of us who call Laguna Beach home. Our team includes both locals and adopted sons and daughters, surfers and designers, photographers and writers, marketing mavens and social media gurus. And we’re all proud to be working with local bloggers, businesses, and brands in showcasing Laguna Beach's greatness to the world!

With both local and global reach, LagunaBeach.com connects your business with an engaged and affluent audience. We reach an average of 35,000 unique visitors monthly—this is more than 3.5x the number of copies the local newspapers print weekly. Our media includes desktop, mobile, e-newsletters, blogs and social media.

Our typical viewer is most likely to be married and highly educated with a household income 1.5x the national average (Quantcast). Increase your top line revenue by connecting your business to our affluent audience!

LagunaBeach.com averages 35,000 Unique Visitors per Month (based on 2013 monthly averages), and averages over 300,000 hits per month.

Direct Navigation:
An average of 30% of our traffic is direct navigation (or type-in traffic). Conversion rates nearly double for your business when coming from Direct Navigation (WebSideStory). Furthermore, direct navigation is the ONLY way to bypass the search engines, particularly Google.com which is closing in on 70% of market share for search engine usage.

Premium geodomains like LagunaBeach.com average 30% direct navigation, which is a huge number for the industry. The value of this cannot be stressed enough because Direct Navigation is a form of organic traffic that is not dependent on search engines.

Local Choice, Global Voice:
LagunaBeach.com attracts visitors both locally and globally. Our worldwide viewership includes the following top 10 countries:

United States
United Kingdom

Of domestic visitors to Laguna Beach, 75% of visitors are in-state and constitute 60% of spending! LagunaBeach.com helps your business capitalize on that trend as, of our US visitors, 78% are from California!

Google PageRank: 5/10

Google PageRank Info for Laguna Beach websites:

PageRank measures a web page's importance. Rankings are out of 10 possible points; most US websites are 2; anything above 4 is considered excellent:

LagunaBeach.com: 5/10
LagunaBeachInfo.com: 5/10
LagunaBeachChamber.org: 4/10
StuNewsLaguna.com: 3/10
LagunaBeachMagazine.com: 3/10
LagunaBeachIndy.com: 3/10
OCinsite.com: 3/10

Social Media:

Our keyword rich content provides excellent SEO for your business. LagunaBeach.com is a deep and engaging source for both locals and visitors, attracting both new and return viewers though relevant and timely blogs, articles, features, social media, calendar of events, business listings, photographs, videos and contests.

Premier Exact Match Domain (LagunaBeach.com!) + PageRank + SEO + both fresh and evergreen keyword-rich and engaging content + informative and interesting blogs and features and beloved social media = The Premier Advertising Solution for Laguna Beach and Orange County.

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